Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Very very scary decisions have been made. We have started looking for houses to rent, despite not having heard anything from Charthouse about financial support. We just cannot live with this hanging over us anymore, and for our sake, and Hazels', we need to find a new home and settle properly. We have a house to view tomorrow (4-8-10) which, with some negotiation, (and input from the landlord!) we can refurbish as we wish, has a fab garden, is in the same road we are in now, is long term AND will take our gorgeous catses! It is so perfect that every time I think about it I get butterflies that it will all go wrong. The house is in a bit of a state, but for the size of it, is on the rental market for a very reasonable rent. It has been used as a house share for ages and just looks like it needs a bit of love and attention and will make a lovely family home. Soooo scary.
Am still writing to Charterhouse to keep them informed of what is happening, a courtesy they have not extended to us, but I need to feel I have done the right thing even if they have not. Will keep this updated, and if all goes well, I'll post pics but not before we have the OK.

'Citin' innit!! xx


maymay said...

This is a very good and exciting thing! Its like this house is meant to be, I shall keep everything crossed for you and be sending mahoosive positive vibes. Oh its all starting to work out, yay!!.

Keep on & on at Charterhouse, be a thorn in their side ^ a pain in their pompous patronsising neck!

Fenpeper said...

Oh, I am! Have also put the wind up Broadwater with a claim for Disabilities Discrimination, which was blatant! I have physical evidence that the Senco lied and falsified documents. Apparently I was described in a governors meeting at Broadwater as a 'loose cannon'! Am strangely proud of that! xx Not letting people get away with stuff anymore. xx

Celeste said...

Oooh very 'citing.
I'll keep everything crossed for you.