Saturday, March 06, 2010

Aaaahhhhh!!  More Lakeman gigging last night!  Boys were on fine form! Much quieter first half, but cranked up in the second half! Up jigging and stomping, and clapping and singing! xx Much laughter at us from the man himself, cheek!! xx No piccies allowed, boo! xx So I took some outside the stage door.......oh, and happened to bag a couple for myself! xx

Well, no more Seth til St Patricks Day, we think!! xx

Ooh, Setlist, (sethlist!!) for Southsea - 

Hearts and Minds
Fight for Favour
Preachers Ghost
Solomon Browne
Spinning Days
Circle Grows
Take No Rogues
Setting of the Sun
Stepping Over You
How Much
Riflemen of War
See Them Dance - Mire dedication
Ye Mariners All 
Poor Mans Heaven
Kitty Jay
Send Yourself Away
Blood Upon Copper
Race to be King 

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