Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just thought it was time for a new post. Still on a bit of a Lakeman high from Southsea and got over my 'emotional weekend' when I wasn't at the gigs!

Really looking forward to St Patricks Day when I'm seeing Cara Dillon and Seth perform together at the East Wintergardens in Canary Wharf. And possibly a night away as well, ahh, bliss! I get to be me for a day. xx I know photography is not really allowed but am hoping to sneak a couple of Cara and Seth together, will have to see what I can get away with. x

Have been practicing on ink blending techniques but not quite ready to post for scrutiny on here yet, so give me a couple of days and I'll post some pics.

Loved the QVC TSV, tho didn;t buy it. As a pressie for not being able to go to Make It, hubby bought me the Autumn Garden Toppers kit, so am looking forward to having a real play with this when it comes. I've got the Autumn Kanban syamps as well, so looking forward to having some fun!

Should add to my passions at the top of the page, Brenda, our gorgeous little camper van! We are starting to try and get her shipshape for the summer festie season, possibly even May. Here she is in the snow, bless her!

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