Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Right, this is my little space on the net where I show some of my craft and rave about Seth! However, I also whinge about things I don;t like to necessarily go on about anywhere else, so if you don't want to read it, don't!

I have had a bit of a blip in my life recently (again, my life seems to be composed of blips). Hubby has worked for Charterhouse for 18 years, and we have lived in a School house for 15 years. The School (as if its an actual entity!!) has decided that it wants a teacher, sorry master!, to live in our house instead and is kicking us out! Fab! Well, they have very 'generously' given us about a year,but I think that is just a year of worry and uncertainty so we have decided to go sooner rather than later. This will also give Martyn the option of looking for another job and leaving The School which he couldn't do before because of the house. I have had 3 weeks of anger, tears, rage, worry, fright, wakefulness, tiredness and stress! I am now going to TRY to look at it as a new start and a positive step for us all. I'm enjoying my job at college tho the travelling does get to me, and I'm going to knuckle down and get on with my photography and card designing.

This is also a chance for hubby nad I (and daughter!!) to declutter our lives, emotionally and physically! So a big big clearout is on its way, closely followed  I think, by a huge carboot sale which I HATE doing but needs must! Got loads and loads of craft stuff that I'm going to sell if anyones interested, moving to a much smaller house means a lot has to go!

Well, I think thats me up to date for now, well, at least as much as I'm going to tell!!

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