Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sunday began waaayy too early tho the lovely Lou didn't wake me at 5.30am as we'd arranged! We eventually got up about 7.30ish and queued for a shower. Quite impressed with the festival showers tho there were only 10!!  Loads more needed!!

Got brekkie then staked out our place in front of the main stage in preparation for Seth!! This of course was around noon and Seth was on at 8pm but hey! thats what we do!! xx

Started off with the growing on me 6 Day Riot - up tempo and boppy!

Followed by Martha Tilston who I personally found rather dull I'm afraid.

Up next Irish band Kila.

 An absolute revelation, 8 (I think!) incredibly talented lively musicians playing traditional instruments with gusto! Fab fab music! They did bring the rain tho, and thunder, and lightning and hail!!  We got absolutely soaked. poor Lou was literally ringing her clothes out, but we weren't not abandoning our prime Seth spots.

Whilst drying out, Ade Edmondson and the Bad Shepherds played. Having seen them before, I got a bit bored. Very clever but a one gig joke really for me. However I was ramping up the Sethcitement by now!

The (Beautiful) South were an absolute revelation to me! Soooo good live, would def see them again and will never quite get over 'anorexic chicks' being sung directly to us, or the triangle being played with a teaspoon, as teaspoons have a special meaning to Kath and I!! xx We were dancing and singing like mad and being very daft all without the influence of alcohol - we did nt touch a drop but natural exuberance kind of took over!

And so, the moment had arrived, well sort of arrived. We had 40 minutes of watching the marvellous Team Lakeman preparing first of all - all part of the entertainment - you know who you are you two!! 

Seth time!!!  Have no words, fantastic, managed amazing photos, LOVED the Mire ded and can't quite believe so few of us made so much noise!! Loved Seths reaction, well, love Seth really. Apparently he was convinced we were drunk and we soooo weren't!  And here is a little pic of the most gorgeous man on the planet!!

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