Thursday, June 24, 2010

Well, its been a while and I'm feeling a bit better than I was. Still not brilliant but better.

I have had my cards being sold in a 'proper shop' - which is great and means I get to have an excuse to sit and craft because now its actually making me a bit of money.

Been to the bank and sorted some things out which made me feel a whole lot better, and have made some financial decisions with hubby so things are not quite so bleak. I do still need to get a job that is at least 3 or 4 full days a week tho and that is proving difficult and does nothing for your self esteem I can tell you.

House is still an issue and I think I will be creating a blog just for that at some point to get some things off my chest. And to put publicly how Charter house, as an eminent  public school with a supposed 'Christian ethos' treat the staff they consider 'beneath' them.

My week had a lovely bright spot in it in the shape of a certain Mr Lakeman (surprise surprise!). He played a special gig on HMS Warrior with Benji Kirkpatrick and Cormac Byrne. It was a beautiful night, a beautiful location and amazing music. They played some of the older tracks such as Lady of the Sea, Blood Red Sky, Colliers and the seemingly ubiquitous Kitty Jay, plus some of his new tracks, See Them Dance (dedicated to the Mire, as always, well, except at Wychwood when we got Watchman and screamed so loud everyone laughed!), and the BRAND new Tiny World. Seth announced it as 'never been played before' and so seemed rather bemused when certain members of the audience (!) sang along..................he smiled so all was ok, he must wonder where we get it all from tho sometimes I'm sure. xx  First time ever that I've seen, he seemed rather resigned to playing Kitty Jay and it certainly wasn't as spectacular or varied as I've seen it before. I do wonder if he's fed up playing it. Seth talks a lot about 'moving on' in songwriting and 'sonically' that I get the feeling that KJ might hold him back somewhat. Having seen it live on far too many occasions to admit too, I have to say it wouldn't bother me at all if it was dropped from the set now and again.

I managed to take one of the best if not THE best pic I ever have of Seth and of which I am extremely proud. Also got some fab shots of Warrior and Spinnaker Tower in the evening twilight.


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