Saturday, July 10, 2010

Well, things have moved on a bit for me emotionally - I am feeling slightly more positive but I have no idea why as nothing has actually changed. Maybe its the sunshine! Maybe its because I have had some good experiences with people, maybe its just because............

Don't know, but it can only be a good thing.

Was lucky enough to be able to go the Seth Lakemans 'Album Launch without the Album' last week, in a very hot, smelly and rather sweaty Jazz Cafe in Camden. It was a good'un with 2 special guests DBG, who I've met before and a guest vocalist called Olivia Chaney. I have to say that I didn't like the addition of female vocals on the song 'Changes', they are present on the album version as well and just sound a bit harsh and out of place, but it was interesting to see it performed like that live. Tho I do hope the boys go back to performing it live without them, it is just such a beautifully simple song, with the pizzicato violin and Simons amazing mellow 'ticking' drumbeat.

'Special' people got VIP treatment upstairs away from the crowd of  the hot, sweaty  unwashed! That is never going to be me I'm afraid, down and dirty,  dancing and singing along in front of the band is where I want to be, and should I ever be 'special' that is still where'll you'll find me!

Few pics here -

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