Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Right, I think I'll give up trying to make this anything about my art and craft - maybe I'll do a different blog for that, tho I can't promise that Seth won't creep in there as well! xx

Some brilliant news, I have a proper job!!!   Yay!!  Doing what I love the most, working with teenagers in the classroom at our local college. I cannot believe I actually got the job. Start 31 August and am really quite excited. Sod Broadwater, just can't wait for Hazel to do her GCSEs and leave now.

Other exciting things.....SETH! At Chagstock on his home turf, and they were effing BRILLIANT! xx

Few pics - as ever!

I shall be back in a bit with a Guilfest report and a bit more of our Chagstock adventure!

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